Derma Facials – Pigmentation and Skin Lightning


Rs. 5800/- 60 Minutes
*Plus GST 18% applicable

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Treatment Description:

Face is rough with pigmentation, blemishes and pimples

Glowing and beautiful skin attracts everyone. But skin is affected due to increasing pollution, stress, strong sunlight and other reasons. This causes skin texture to deteriorate and many skin-related problems arise. Pigmentation, pimples, blemishes, loose skin is one such problem.

Especially those with eczema, keratosis pilaris and psoriasis have more dry skin. Also, many chemical and hormonal changes occur in the body of women as they age. Due to which signs of aging appear on the skin. Derma Facial – Pigmentation and skin lightening becomes necessary for skin care.

Skin texture is usually poor due to the formation of dead and keratinized skin cells. People who already have other skin-related problems including pimples, blemishes, can have poor skin texture. This makes the pores of the skin enlarge. Also, fine lines and wrinkles start coming. Apart from this, more dead skin cells are formed on the surface of the skin and exposure to sunlight also affects the skin.

This treatment is good for:

  • All skin types.
  • Pigmentation, blemishes and pimples.


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