Fit for King and Queen – Traditional Journey


Rs. 12999/- 120 Minutes
*Plus GST 18% applicable

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This Traditional Journey is composed of various types of treatments like:- Full Body Scrub, Massage, Royal or Wine Bath that would cater to everyone. Indulge yourself in one of our extensive lists of therapeutic treatments and experience the whole new world of wellness.

Following a consultation with the therapist, this localized, deep pressure massage involves specific stretches, pressure application and mobilization techniques where most needed, using Lemongrass cream or Olive oil with deep pressure.

Particularly effective on sensitive skin, this hydrating anti-aging treatment boosts the skin’s natural radiance.

Beginning with a natural Lemongrass scrub, a light gel is applied followed by a blend of rich rose oil and cream. An energizing head and body massage completes the treatment, locking in the essential oils and leaving the skin and mind refreshed.

A relaxation experience designed for two, this spa experience includes:

  • Lemongrass Scrub – ( 30 minutes)
  • Deep Pressure – (60 minutes)
  • Royal Rose or Wine Bath -(30 minutes)
  • Fast Food, Juice Drink, Coffee, Honey Lemon Tea


 This treatment is good for:

  • Sports injuries both chronic and acute
  • People who engage in sport or physical activity


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