Hair Wash

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It turns out there’s an optimal way to wash your hair:-

Brush hair first

This will help loosen dirt, remove stray hairs and untangle knots.

Water temperature  
Next up, water temperature is important. Wet hair with lukewarm water.

Double up on your shampoo 
Wash your hair twice, The first shampoo removes dirt, pollution and product residue. The second shampoo essentially adds shine and gloss.

Shampoo and Conditioner 
Shampoo and conditioner serve completely different purposes and therefore belong on different areas of your hair. Shampoo is your cleanser, so you only really need it on the areas that get dirty and grimy – your roots.

Finish off with cool water
Hair a final rinse with cool water, Cool water feels exhilarating, stimulates blood circulation, seals the hair cuticle and leaves your hair extra smooth and shiny.


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