Hot Oil Hair Massage


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Massage of hot oil in the head prevents hair loss

Hot oil treatment is very important to keep hair healthy. This not only gives shine to the hair but also makes the hair texture better. From time to time, your hair should look beautiful and beautiful, massage the hair with coconut, olive oil. it is very relaxing.

Usually styling, coloring, heat, detangling, and shampooing in hair often cause hair damage. Better care is required to keep hair natural. In such a situation, there is no better option than hot oil treatment. This prevents hair from becoming white and breaking. The special thing is that hot oil treatment can be done not only in winter but in any season.

How do we prepare hot oil treatment for you?

  • Put olive oil and garlic buds in coconut oil and heat it until it turns brown.
  • Then mixed Karppooraadi oil.
  • Oil gets ready.

Hot Oil Hair Massage

  • Soaks hair and scalp and cleans it thoroughly. Removes dirt accumulated in the scalp.
  • Hot oil is applied in the scalp and gently massage with the fingertip.
  • Will do shampoo hair as usual.
  • To keep hair healthy, do hot oil treatment twice a month.

Benefits of hot oil hair treatment
Due to the changing weather, the hair becomes dry and breaks. Hair moisturizes from time to time by applying hot oil treatment to the hair. Along with this, there remains moisture in the hair roots due to which the hair does not break.

Dandruff away 
Hot oil treatment before shampooing hair removes the problem of dandruff. Oil has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. This prevents the problem of dandruff.

Increase blood circulation in scalp 
Applying hot oil to the scalp and massaging with light hands increases blood circulation. With this, hair grows well. Apart from this, many hair-related problems go away.
​Make hair stronger 
Periodic hot oil treatment in the hair strengthens the hair from the root. Not only this, the problem of hair breakage is less and hair gets shine.
Hot oil treatment is very important to keep hair healthy. It gives shine to hair and hair always looks natural.


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